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Department of State Taxes and Excise

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  GST White Paper published by EC   Joint Working Group On GST   Report of the Task Force on GST   Dept of Revenue GoI - Comments on GST White Paper   Paper On GST Reforms and Intergovernmental considerations by DEA  
  Punjab Excise Act, 1914   PB Distillery Rules   HP Liquor License Rules, 1986   PB Brewery Rules, 1932   PB Liquor Permit & Rules, 1932    Excise Forms & Rules   Retail Liquor License Renewal                         Retail Liquor License Allotment    Excise Policy and Arrangements   Duties and Fees    HP Fiscals Order   Intoxicant License & Sale Orders   Bonded Warehouse Rules   HP Sweet wine Rules   HP Excise Power & Appeal Orders
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  Retail Liquor License Renewal   Retail Liquor License Allotment
 Other Acts and Rules
  CST Act 1956 & Rules 1957   CGCR Act 1999 & Rules 1993   Passengers Goods Taxation Act    Passenger Goods Taxation Rules   Luxuries Act & Rules 1979   M & T P Act 1955 & Rules 1956   Entry tax 2010   General Sales Tax Act 1968   HP Entertainment Acts and Rules 1968   HP Narcotices Acts 1985 HP Narcotices Rules 1989
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  HP Toll Act, 1975    Toll Announcement 2008-2009   Toll Announcement 2009-2010   Toll Announcement 2010-2011
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