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Excise and Taxation Department - Himachal Pradesh
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Excise and Taxation Department plays an important role in the fiscal structure of the State. The major revenue in the state is being collected / mobilized by Excise and Taxation department. The revenue is collected in the Shape of various levies such as Taxes, Duties, Fee etc. under various enactments being enforced by the department. The department accounted for almost 87% of the total tax revenue collection in the state during 2007-08. The growth of revenue from Rs 836.16 Crores during 2003-04 to Rs 2274.75 Crores during 2009-10 has been very encouraging.

Excise and Taxation Department controls and administers the following enactments

Sr. No. Name of the Act
1  H.P. Value Added Tax Act, 2005
2  Central Sales Tax Act, 1956
3  Punjab Excise Act, 1914
4  Medicinal & Toilet preparation Act, 1955
5  East Punjab Molasses Control Act, 1948
6  Indian Powers Alcohol Act, 1948
7  H.P. Entertainment (Cinematograph show) Act, 1968
8  H.P.Passengers & Goods Taxation Act, 1955
9  H.P. Tax on luxuries ( in Hotels & Lodging Houses ) Act, 1979
10  H.P. Entertainments Duty Act, 1968.
11  Narcotics Drugs & psychotropic Substances Act, 1985
12  H.P. Taxation (On Certain Goods Carried by Road) Act, 1999
13  H.P. Tolls Act, 1975
14  H.P. Tax on Entry of Goods into Local Area Act, 2010

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